A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wake up in an unknown place. You've got a huge headache and it's dark. Where are you? How did you get there? And, more importantly, can you escape from this place!

01/04/2018 :  alpha Demo released.

The demo covers 1/3 of the rooms.

You can explore rooms, find keys and clues to open locked doors. Keep trace of your clues in a notebook and draws a map as you go.

Disclaimer : this is an alpha release, so expect bugs and occasional misspelling. GUI will be modified in the definitive version, and more features added (diary and story)

03/04/2018 :  uploaded a new version of demo (to correct a bug detected in one of the rooms)

07/04/2018 :  uploaded a new version of demo (to correct a bunch of bugs detected in one of the "Playroom")


The_House_Demo-0.1.2alpha-pc.zip 121 MB
The_House_Demo-0.1.2alpha-mac.zip 106 MB


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minor nuisance: item draging is a bit too pixelhunty, frequently causing the inventory to close (simply because the pointer was a pixel too far to the left, right, top or bottom, while still within the confines of the item, when the drag was started) without the chosen item being dragged.