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Human beings have lived on the Station for... as long as anybody can remember. The Station floats in space, somewhere near the Asteroids Belt. No life can exist outside of the Station, Big planets are made of toxic gas with no ground, and asteroids have solid ground but no atmosphere.
There is no other choice but living in the Station, and everyone has to do his best in his field of expertise. Everyone has a task, and everyone relies on the others for the entire Colony to survive.

But what if there were other alternatives? Despite the saying of the Governors, a legend murmurs that a long time ago, human beings lived on a planet with a solid ground, a breathable atmosphere... and a blue sky.
Even if nobody knows now what "blue" looks like...

Meet Laura on her first day as full citizen of the Station. You'll meet her family, her colleagues, her "special friend" and the scientist she's supposed to work with on a special project.
As you follow Laura, you will also discover life on the Station, and get hints that strange events are in the air, events that may change the destiny of the Colony forever...


The current release is a very alpha one for NaNoRenO purpose only (only one end available, no real proofread performed)

All ends and proper proofreading will be ready soon


BlueSkies-0.1.3-alpha-mac.zip 35 MB
BlueSkies-0.1.3-alpha-pc.zip 50 MB

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